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Commercial lending services

If you need funding for a big business move, like an expansion, or to help cover expenses or address a short-term cash shortage, The Payment HQ can find you the right loan. We have access to 80+ banks in our network with options to fit every need.


The benefits of a

commercial financing solution


Boost your cash flow

Don’t let an irregular revenue stream stop you from dreaming big. Get the cash injection you need to grow.


Remain in control

Get access to capital without getting an investor involved. You decide how it’s spent. No strings attached.


Get the tax benefit

Write off the annual interest you pay on a business loan, reducing what you owe in taxes.

What’s Available to You

What a partnership with The Payment HQ looks like

Everything we do revolves around helping your business get what it needs to grow. We start by learning how you operate and then design a solution to help you sell seamlessly across platforms, get help with payroll if you need it, and show you how you can access working capital. We also empower you with all the tools you need, guide you through the setup, and are there for you once you’re in operation. You get:

  • A partner that puts your needs first
  • A solution that addresses your unique challenges
  • The tools you need to succeed
  • Exceptional customer service that goes beyond the transaction

Why choose us?


We’re your partner

We’re with you at every stage, from the first time we meet to implementation and then when you’re up and running.


Our hands-on approach

Our team doesn’t just provide you with the solutions and tools; we help you put them to work for you.


Exceptional customer service

We’re always just a call away with timely and personalized assistance to ensure your payment system runs smoothly.

Clients love us


The Payment HQ team was awesome! I had plenty of questions to ensure their payment platform would be beneficial for my business. Their team ensured all my questions and concerns were addressed, which made me feel at ease knowing I could count on Payment HQ with my credit card processing for my business!

The recommendation they made was excellent! Taking payments from my clients is simple, quick, and efficient.

I recommend Payment HQ to any business looking to accept card payments! Their expertise is unlike, and they will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction!!!

Pablo Nava


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Cash discounts

Learn how to offset your processing fees by offering a cash price and a card price for your products or services.

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Build your business knowledge and gain new insights that can help you continue to grow. It’s all in our blog.

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Our team is always here to help, and that includes providing you with answers to your biggest questions.

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Connect with a human and get all your questions answered. Our team members are standing by.

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