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ACH payments

Say goodbye to paper checks and hello to faster, more convenient payments with ACH. Whether you’re sending or receiving money, ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a secure and reliable way to move funds between bank accounts. Plus, with features like digital invoicing, direct deposit, and automatic bill pay, you can save time and hassle while keeping your finances organized.


Why ACH payment solutions are great for business


Control your cash flow

Effectively manage your cash flow by scheduling regular, on-time payments via an ACH online payment system.


Save time & money

Stop dealing with paper checks and the costs associated with them. Simplify it all with low-cost ACH payment services.


Secure your data

Protect your valuable data with ACH payments that are encrypted and designed to store your business data securely.

Included features

QuickBooks integration

Streamline your payments and accounting by syncing your QuickBooks account with our payment gateway.

Electronic invoicing

Make it easy to get paid. Create and send digital invoices to your customers.

Recurring billing

Save time for you and your customers by setting up custom payment schedules.

What a partnership with The Payment HQ looks like

Everything we do revolves around helping your business get what it needs to grow. We start by learning how you operate and then design a solution to help you sell seamlessly across platforms, get help with payroll if you need it, and show you how you can access working capital. We also empower you with all the tools you need, guide you through the setup, and are there for you once you’re in operation. You get:

  • A partner that puts your needs first
  • A solution that addresses your unique challenges
  • The tools you need to succeed
  • Exceptional customer service that goes beyond the transaction

Why choose us?


We’re your partner

We’re with you at every stage, from the first time we meet to implementation and then when you’re up and running.


Our hands-on approach

Our team doesn’t just provide you with the solutions and tools; we help you put them to work for you.


Exceptional customer service

We’re always just a call away with timely and personalized assistance to ensure your payment system runs smoothly.


Simple pricing

No hidden fees or complex structures here. We offer straightforward, easy-to-understand pricing that aligns with your business needs, allowing you to focus on what matters most — growing your business.

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Clients love us


The Payment HQ team was awesome! I had plenty of questions to ensure their payment platform would be beneficial for my business. Their team ensured all my questions and concerns were addressed, which made me feel at ease knowing I could count on Payment HQ with my credit card processing for my business!

The recommendation they made was excellent! Taking payments from my clients is simple, quick, and efficient.

I recommend Payment HQ to any business looking to accept card payments! Their expertise is unlike, and they will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction!!!

Pablo Nava


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Learn how to offset your processing fees by offering a cash price and a card price for your products or services.

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